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Speed Lathe  +  Versatility  +  Quality  +  Experience

Crozier Machine Tool built its first Lathes in 1937 before the phrase Speed Lathe had even been coined. Crozier called its machine the Speedy Polishing Lathe. It remained that way for 5Crozier Machine Tool Made In The USA  years until the "Speed Lathe" label was initially used. It was a speedy machine to use and easy to operate. The Crozier Lathe is used in a variety of industries in small one person shops to large factory production runs. The Lathes have been manufactured for assembly, deburring, grinding, inspection, lapping, polishing, second operations and turning of machine parts. Anything that can be held in a collet can be worked on. Many people have used the Speed Lathe as a building block to build custom machines for their own applications. We also offer the replacement parts for the Lathes and the original Crozier Bushing & Bearing Extractors and Kits.

Featured Speed Lathes

Speed Lathe Model 3CPL
Speed Lathe Model 3CPL - 1 HP, Single or Three Phase Motor

The Crozier Model 3CPL is a chuck model designed to handle the odd jobs that do not fit in a collet or for small batch jobs. The unit is small enough to fit on a table.
Model 30DC Speed Lathe
Speed Lathe Model 30AC - 2HP, Single or 3 Phase, 0-3000 RPM

Model 30AC, 2HP, 240 Volt, Single or 3 Phase, 0-3000 rpm The 30AC is designed for those who need extra power for sanding or building a special purpose machine. We utilize a solid state inverter which provides the lathe with a variable speed range of 0-3000 rpm. This lathe also includes the Crozier designed air collet closure.
Model 30DC
Speed Lathe Model 30DC - 120V Single Phase, 0-3000 RPM

The Crozier Model 30DC is our most popular model. It has many standard features not found on any other machine in its class or price range. Our air-collet closure is designed and built as an integral element so that low speed restriction or cylinder wobble is minimized.
  Model 60DC
Speed Lathe Model 60DC - 120V or 240V Single or Three Phase, 0-3000 RPM, Variable Speed

A part requiring a two step operation, can be accomplished with a one machine tool. Each spindle is set up with either an Inside Dimension (ID) collet or an Outside Dimension (OD) collet. Both spindles are driven by the same motor.

Extractor Series 100-4A
Extractor and Extractor Kits are available to meet your company's needs. The bearing extractors are used in aircraft and aircraft components, automotive related parts such as alternators housings and pilot bushings and for use on high tech medical equipment.
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